I feel like no life. Its really bored in my life. I want to tell to you all. Its like my heart full of hurt. I wanna angry, i wanna cry, and i wanna fuck of this life. Just i dont know, its really bored. I wanna something new like you hug me maybe or give me bulsyit.
I wanna tell all to you, that i know now. That something wrong with me. I see that im Bucin and not like everyone else like strange. Its full of kontradiction with my heart. Its really hurt, i dont know why. I cant tell all of my story. Its really complicated.
Being a normal person. Yeah, i got it. I will try, try try and try. Never give up to be the best to me. I dont know, just my heart very hurt... its really hurt.. my emotion full of crying. Full of it.
I wanna scream that i wanna tell to all the world that its hurt, really hurt, very hurt. Just, i wanna cry in my room. That many man give me love but, i dont know why my heart still hurt. I just dont know.
I need really help
I need really help
I need really help
Its hurt really.
I wanna scream that my heart is sick.
I wanna tell to you all that my heart is broken heart.
Again, again, again.
Who am i ?
I dont know
Who am i ?
I dont know
I lost myself
Please take me in bulsyit of my room. Its so dirty. Many of trash, and its really bored.
I wanna tell you something bored.
You know ...
This world is good if we said good, i know
Being to be normal person, i know too
Being freak person, u wrong
I am very different with all person
Very unique, very shit, very love and very fuck and very strange.


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